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Today is Madelon's birthday! Guignol and Gnafron are planning a surprise party.

Guignol is decorating the flat while Gnafron is shopping for a present. But obviously, Scapine will do anything to steal it... 

Despite their best efforts to find a solution without Madelon's to notice, she starts to wonder what's going on...

A show full of misunderstandings, stunts and manipulations!


From 3 y.o. | 45 minutes

From Feb. 6th to March 3rd > 3.30pm


Closed on modays.


Writing and stage direction: Philippe Séclé

Puppeteers: Gustave Amoureux, Flore Goubeau

Musician: Patrick Guillot

Lights: Mélanie Duret

Puppet creation: Pauline Marc

Set: Charles Auburtin

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