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 Guignol H.L.M* 

Nothing better than a satirical show!

Puppets originally were made for adults. They use to be a way to laugh at the powerful and of social issues. This show is made for adults, and is the modern version of the traditional Guignol who was an orator and entertainer.


The team will work with the news to write a unique show.

No doubt we will have lots to say!

Guignol and Mama Swing

3+ || 55 min

 * Hors Les Murs (Off-site)


8h and 9th - 15:30
15th and 16th - 15h:0
22th and 23th - 15:30
29th and 30th - 15:30


1 place du petit collège 69005 Lyon

You must book your ticket because there will be no ticket office on site!


Project led by Alexandre Chetail
Directing : Emma Utges
Puppet masters : Gustave Amoureux, Alexandre Chetail, Flore Goubeau
Musician : Patrick Guillot
Lighting managerment : Mélanie Duret
Stage management : Jérémie Quintin
Puppet making : Sabine Courbière, Patrick Gabet, Léa Caron
Set design : Charles Auburtin
Costumes : Pauline Marc

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