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Christmas 2020's creation.


Fripouille, a professional hacker, hates Christmas.

He doesn't like children, nor parents. He doesn't like Guignol, Gnafron, and not even Madelon.

It's happening: with his big computer, Fripouille is going to destroy Christmas by messing with Santa's GPS. That way, he'll be lost in the snow and the children won't get their presents!

But we can trust Madelon, Guignol and Gnafron to save Christmas!


From 3 y.o.  | 45 minuts


From Dec. 19th to Jan. 2nd > 3.30pm

Closes on Dec. 25th and Jan. 1st

Création avril 2017

Tout public dès 3 ans  | 55 minutes

Stage direction: Philippe Séclé 

Writing: Patrick Guillot
Puppeteers: Gustave Amoureux, Flore Goubeau, Alexandre Chetail

Musician: Patrick Guillot
Lights: Mélanie Duret
Puppet creation: Pauline Marc

Set: Charles Auburtin



Jeune (-18 ans) : 10€

Adulte : 13€

Adulte réduit* : 11€

Tarif réduit 3 enfants : 27€

* Tarif réduit sur justificatif : Famille nombreuse, étudiant, senior, demandeur d’emploi, bénéficiaire du RSA, titulaire d’une carte mobilité inclusion - invalidité, professionnel du spectacle, groupe de plus de 10 personnes et titulaire d’une carte de presse.

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