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Opéra-Bouffe d'Offenbach

What can you do when your daughter falls in love with your musician neighbour? 

"Impossible, that's impossible!"

What can you do when the opera singers you hired for your amazing party suddenly become "unwell"? 

Replace them!

From 7 y.o. | 55 minutes

Feb. 26th, 27th and March 5th, 6th, 12th et 13th > 8pm

Sundays Feb 28th, March 7th et 14th > 5pm

Singers: Chloë Amoureux, soprano : Ernestine ; Rémy Poulakis, ténor : Babylas ;

Sebastian Delgado, baryton : Choufleuri ; Patrick Guillot: Peterman 

Accordionist: Patrick Guillot 

Puppeteers: Gustave Amoureux, Léa Caron

Stage direction: Compagnie Coulisses

Set: Charles Auburtin

Lights: Mélanie Duret

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