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Created in June 2010 on Emma Utges's initiative, actress, singer and puppeteer, the Compagnie M.A. is a Villeurbanne-based theater company that produces multidisciplinary shows around strong themes, in search of the poetry and humour that can emerge from them.

For each creation, the company works with a contemporary author and a musician-composer who is asked to follow its artistic purpose: to look for the discrepancy, the humour and the poetry of the sometimes serious situations linked to our human condition.

Most of the Théâtre Le Guignol de Lyon's shows fall into the "family" category. The challenge is therefore to move children without boring their parents... The company's creations always have several levels of reading, with a background of current events or social facts.

It's important to us to deal with societal issues, to better understand them and approach them in a playful and poetic way.

For us, art must help human beings, both children and adults; Roland Barthes' words about Brecht's theatre resonate strongly in the basement of the Palais Bondy:

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