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 Guignol HLM*

Nothing better than a satirical show!

Puppets originally were made for adults. They use to be a way to laugh at the powerful and of social issues. This show is made for adults, and is the modern version of the traditional Guignol who was an orator and entertainer.


The team will work with the news to write a unique show.

No doubt we will have lots to say!

Krach !


Theatre and puppet

12+ || 60min

 *Hors Les Murs (Off-site)

Saturday 11 March 8pm
Musée Théâtre Guignol
18  montée de la Bernarde
69126 Brindas

Book directly
with the Musée Théâtre Guignol of Brindas!

04 78 57 57 40


Writing : Simon Grangeat
ing : Nicolas Ramond
Puppet masters/
actors : Christophe Mirabel et Emma Utges

Musician : Patrick Guillot

Stage manager : Jérémie Quintin

Puppets and props : 

Sabine Courbière et Emma Utges

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